Harm Reduction 2.0: Beyond the Needle!

Harm Reduction is best practice model for providing services in health care and social service programming for underserved populations. Harm Reduction is more than needle distribution, and in fact, you do not need to do distribution to work from this model! This workshop is tailored to meet your organizational needs and can be adapted to ½-day, 1-day, or 2-days.


  • Introduce The Manitoba Harm Reduction Network

  • Increase understanding of Harm Reduction: definition, examples, principles

  • Understanding how social structures, systems, policies and practices make drug use harmful including prohibition and colonization

  • Challenge our concept of ‘non-judgmental care’ and how values and personal beliefs contextualize our work

  • Harm Reduction in Action! Review the CARES model (Person Centred Care, Advocacy, Referrals, Education, Supply Distribution)

  • Understanding risk-taking and why we engage in behaviours that we know could harm us

  • Challenging our understanding of substance use and addiction!

  • Understanding behaviour in context! Reviewing social structures that impact our decisions

  • Review supply distribution in Manitoba; from needle distribution to overdose prevention

  • Identify community needs, gaps, challenges, and solutions in respective communities

Who Should Attend:

  • Community members interested in improving their capacity to work with people impacted by substance use and misuse

  • People who use drugs and other substances

  • Service providers who work with people who use drugs including: Physicians, EMS, Primary Health Care Staff, Public Health Staff, Acute Care Staff, Mental Health Workers, Home Care Staff, Community Outreach Workers, Addictions Workers, Social Workers, Corrections & Probations

  • Government & community service workers, outside of health, that work with people who use drugs including: EIA workers, CFS workers, Town employees, Educators, etc.

Fee for Service Schedule*:

Travel Costs outside of Winnipeg are not included. Rates are subject to change as of April 1, 2020. * Reduced rates may be available

Length of Training One Facilitator
1⁄2 day workshop $500
1 day workshop $1000
2 day workshop $1500

Materials & Supplies:

The following materials and supplies will need to be provided by the host organization:

  • Projector, extension cord, flip chart stand with paper, markers, tape, pens, paper.

Workshop manuals and handouts will be sent to the organizer prior to training and will be the responsibility of the host organization to print.


We believe in best practice, especially when working with underserved populations. 

All of our workshops are offered in conjunction with a consultation process that includes communities, participants, and service providers . Our workshops each have a foundation of consistent core information, paired with targeted training to meet specific community needs.