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You indicated in your conference registration that you were interested in attending a community sweat. 

There will be two sweats, though we may add a third if either is over capacity.

Please see the protocols below and indicate your interest. 

Please register by Wednesday, February 21

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Wilfred's Lodge


  • Bring tobacco
  • Men bring a towel and shorts to wear
  • Women bring a towel and a skirt to wear
  • Women cannot be on their moon time* (period)
  • Participants need to be free of alcohol and drugs for at least 4 days


The lodge is located in Brokenhead. A map and exact details will be provided. 

Sherryl's Lodge


"I know some conductors ask for protocols I prefer you to just come and pray."
Participants may bring tobacco to offer your prayers to the fire before we enter the lodge. Participants of all genders are encouraged to wear skirts, shorts, or comfortable pants. Please dress in a way that suits you. People on their moon time* may participate outside the lodge and if there are no cis** men in the lodge, you are welcome to join.



The farm is about a 10 minute drive from the casino.

Take Hwy 59 south to Hwy 317 East (lac du Bonnet turnoff), travel east 13 kms. Lot 40108.

If you hit the stop sign at Hwy 12, you went too far by one km. The destination is on the right


* We recognize that people on their moon time are in Ceremony and this is not shame based. 
** Cis men are men who are assigned male at birth